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We are a network of strategic partners, an expert team in building conscious companies from its organizational culture. Our team is permanently committed to the development of new companies and profitable challenges.

David Cuadrado

Co-Founder and Business and Strategy Manager

Organisational psychologist, consultant and entrepreneur with vast experience… Do you remember Cobi? Well I was already there.
If you search for me on Google, you will see I have written a lot of articles and books, as I have many different areas of interest (sales, education, management culture, learning models…). Occasionally I am invited as a guest professor at different public and corporate universities. However, what I am strongly passionate about is taking a team, shaking it and seeing how far it can go.

Yolanda Atienza

Co-Founder and People and Culture Manager

After working in the pharmaceutical sector and in nanotechnology research for nearly 10 years, I decided to do something much bigger… reinvent myself as a consultant for organizations willing to work under the values of conscious companies. This new phase led me to co-create D´Alma Business Partners, with the firm conviction that companies need to look after their body as well as their soul.

I make use of the tools I have acquired in my professional life, from the training I have undergone and especially my personal experience. It is essential for me to experience and apply in my life and work everything I explain and teach, to be consistent with my philosophy of life.

Fabienne Coudurier

Associate Consultant

I personally believe in people’s power of transformation.

I come from the world of business: business school, finance projects, team management in audits and processes. I have led challenging projects for 25 years, producing excellent results. I have interacted with Management committees in multi-cultural and multi-language environments in the Pharmaceutical and Banking sectors.

Throughout this journey, I have strengthened one key learning: people are the value which energise me… and which make any organisation or project successful. The human factor is my passion and the differentiating aspect I contribute is this: I make people move mountains by helping them to develop. I have perfected this talent with a certification in Individual and Team Executive Coaching.

I offer my competencies in people, business and coaching experience to organisations to co-create transformation programmes.


Associate Consultant

Interested in the field of Human Resources, I started my professional career in specialized consultancies in personnels. Selection and evaluation, in time to opt for organizational training and development, collaborating with different consultancies in the national field. The pleasure of working with people and accompanying them in their growth as human beings and as professionals led me to also become a Gestalt psychotherapist and Integrative Psychotherapist, as well as to be part of the founding team of La Casa Ámbar, a beautiful project made up of professionals from the therapy, education and personal development with a holistic view of
health. Currently, in my work I apply everything I have learned both in the area of business and in therapeutics, always from an integrative humanist approach.


Associate Consultant

Awareness activator, consultant and speaker to create companies with ALMA. Trained in systemic, coaching, Enneagram and NLP master. He led as General manager of Infojobs to be nº1 Best Place To Work, and become a reference of employment through happiness in the company.

He currently accompanies organizations and management teams to transform their culture, leadership, and business model, to survive in the digital age. Co-founder of Conscious Capitalism Spain and author of the book “Design Your Future”


We believe in future-driven companies


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Working philosophy

Multidisciplinary team

Our team is made up of professionals who are experts in multiple disciplines. We all work towards the same aim and share the same purpose: to assist in the growth of companies of the future.


We are committed to providing our customers a high standard and professional consulting from a close, honest and transparent approach.


We are ready to break existing moulds, to adapt to the different circumstances that need to be faced

Human connection

We believe that the basis for any relationship is to connect with the other, observe them, know them, understand them.


We focus on tackling transformation from the bottom up. We believe that any major change needs to be dealt with from the smallest detail right up to the overall vision.


Interdependence is the guarantee that together we are strong. Accepting that we complement each other will allow us to go from mere collaboration to team synergy.

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